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Watch this video and more on Abundance Digital

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Abundance 360 Summit 2018

Module 1: Materials, Robotics, and Energy

2h 7m

Up Next in Main Stage

  • Module 2: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

    The Internet is transforming from a network of "information exchange" to a network of "value exchange" -- a transformation worth trillions that will dwarf the past value of the Internet. Smart contracts on the blockchain and portability of objects between the real and virtual worlds will revoluti...

  • Module 3: Longevity

    One of Peter's missions in life is to extend the healthy human lifespan. For years he has been developing technologies in the longevity field, and tracking leaders in the emerging industry. In 2015, Peter brought his Human Longevity Inc. (HLI) cofounders Robert Hariri, M.D./Ph.D and J. Craig Vent...

  • Module 4: BCI, Nanotech, and AI

    In our second Convergence Catalyzer, we looked at the major breakthroughs and intersections anticipated in the next 10 to 15 years between Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI), Nanotechnology, and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). In each field, we examined what's in the lab today and key milesto...