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COVID-19 Updates

The Most Important Vaccine You've Never Heard Of

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  • Salim Ismail + Being an Exponential E...

    Salim Ismail (head of Exponential Organizations and OpenExO) and Peter discuss being an Exponential Entrepreneur during COVID-19.

    How do you pivot your company? How do you digitize and use exponential technology to transform your company into an exponential one during this crisis? It's more impo...

  • John Sculley + The Future of Society

    Peter joins John Sculley for a discussion on exciting new startups that will change the digital economy. This is a great peek into the future of the digital economy in the next decade and beyond!

  • Louis Cole + Good News During COVID-19

    Peter chats with social activist Louis Cole about good news during COVID-19.

    During the one hour session, they discuss:
    • How to hack your mindset for positivity during times of uncertainty
    • How the pandemic has affected Louis’ career as a world renown travel vlogger and what he’s doing now
    • ...