COVID-19 Virtual Summit

COVID-19 Virtual Summit

33 Episodes

Singularity University is fortunate to have access to the world’s leading experts in health and medicine, technology, society, and impact.

During this three-day virtual summit, SU faculty shared facts, facilitated discussion, answered questions, and addressed your concerns around COVID-19—as well as the impact of outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics—in a measured and thoughtful way.

We hope this event humanizes what is happening, shares practical steps you can take to manage fear and uncertainty surrounding your health and work, and helps you uncover strategies for adapting to future challenges like COVID-19, as well as the long-term impacts they have on society.

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COVID-19 Virtual Summit
  • Adam Hofmann - Opening Remarks & Welcome

    Episode 1

    Adam Hoffman is the Vice President of Marketing at Singularity University and host of the COVID-19 Virtual Summit. He works closely with each product team to build compelling campaigns for existing programs and initiatives to ensure growth and understanding in the marketplace. Adam bridges the g...

  • Dr. Divya Chander - What do I need to know about COVID-19

    Episode 2

    Dr. Chander is a physician and neuroscientist who trained at Harvard, UCSD, UCSF, and the Salk Institute. She has been on the Anesthesiology Faculty at Stanford University since 2008 and Neuromedicine Faculty at Singularity University since 2010. Her postdoctoral training in optogenetic technolog...

  • Dr. David Bray - Perspectives from Responding to Other Outbreaks

    Episode 3

    Dr. David A. Bray has served in a variety of leadership roles in turbulent environments, including bioterrorism preparedness and response from 2000-2005, time on the ground in Afghanistan in 2009, serving as the non-partisan Executive Director for a bipartisan National Commission on R&D, and prov...

  • Dr. Daniel Kraft - New Approaches to Prevention, Diagnosis & Therapy

    Episode 4

    Daniel Kraft is a Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, and innovator. With over 25 years of experience in clinical practice, biomedical research and healthcare innovation, Kraft has served as Faculty Chair for Medicine at Singularity University since SU’s ince...

  • Nell Watson - How to stay healthy during COVID-19

    Episode 5

    Eleanor ‘Nell’ Watson CITP FBCS FIAP FIKE FRSA FRSS FCMI FLS is a Machine Intelligence engineer who worked to pioneer Deep Machine Vision at her company QuantaCorp, which enables fast and accurate body measurement from just two photos.

    In sharing her knowledge as AI Faculty at Singularity Univer...

  • Amory B. Lovins - Slowing contagion

    Episode 6

    Physicist Amory Lovins (1947– ) is Cofounder (1982), Chairman Emeritus, and until September 2019 was Chief Scientist of Rocky Mountain Institute (, with which he continues to collaborate as an independent contractor. Author of 31 books and over 650 papers, he has designed many super¬e...

  • Raymond McCauley - Curing Diseases & DNA

    Episode 7

    Raymond McCauley is a scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur working at the forefront of biotechnology. Raymond explores how applying technology to life “”biology, genetics, medicine, agriculture”” is affecting every one of us. He is known for using storytelling and down-to-earth examples to show ...

  • Dr. Robert Muggah -Coronavirus + Australian brush fires

    Episode 8

    Robert Muggah is a specialist in cities, security, migration and new technologies. He co-founded the Igarapé Institute – a think and do tank working on data-driven safety and justice across Latin America and Africa, where he is currently the director of research. He also co-founded the SecDev Fou...

  • Elie Losleben - Leadership in the Time of COVID-19

    Episode 9

    As an aid worker raised in Africa and the Middle East, Elie speaks to leaders about how to design for sustainability and scale positive impact. She is an original contributor to the now industry-recognized Digital Development Principles. Her technology company, Code Innovation, creates software f...

  • Julia Cheek - Bold Choices and Rapid Innovation

    Episode 10

    Julia Cheek is the CEO and Founder of EverlyWell, the next-generation lab testing platform that provides at-home lab testing kits with useful results & insights. With nearly 100,000 customers around the country and 30 test kits, EverlyWell is a market leader in the at-home lab testing space, and ...

  • Adam Hofmann - Opening Remarks

    Episode 11

  • Onicio Leal Neto - Crowdsourcing & Mobile Devices Helped in the Past

    Episode 12

    Working with breakthrough innovation in healthcare for 10 years, Onicio Leal Neto keep on the mission to accelerate the digital transformation in data-driven health and epidemiology. He built Epitrack, a science-based business, to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and health needs. In t...

  • Dr. Mariana Dahan - Digital Identity in Times of Epidemic

    Episode 13

    Mariana Dahan is a technologist, human rights activist, and writer on the use of technology for human advancement. She is also the founder of the World Identity Network, a nonprofit promoting universal identity

  • Sara Roversi - How Do Global Epidemics Affect the Future of Food

    Episode 14

    For Sara, nothing beats transforming the future of food’s authenticity and sustainability.

    Blending the power of education and technology with inspiration to powerfully influence the food industry is the name of Sustainable Development.

    Sara is an experienced entrepreneur, thought leader and di...

  • Dr. Sonny Kohli - What Digital Tech Could Be Useful in Managing Epidemics

    Episode 15

    Dr. Sonny Kohli is a practicing Physician in Internal Medicine and Critical Care and is Faculty at SingularityU Canada as well as McMaster University. In 2008/09, Sonny was a top 40 Astronaut Candidate in the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) recruitment campaign. He is also an alumnus of the Internati...

  • Sabine Seymour - How Can You Use Data to Monitor your Lifestyle

    Episode 16

    Sabine Seymour, PhD, Economics, Founder and CEO of SUPA, is an award winning serial entrepreneur, author of three books on the topic of fashion + technology, the inaugural professor of Fashionable Technology at Parsons, and conceived the first biometric base layer for snowboarding in 2000.

  • Alex Gladstein - Why Authoritarianism is Bad for Public Health

    Episode 17

    Alex Gladstein is Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation. He has also served as Vice President of Strategy for the Oslo Freedom Forum since its inception in 2009. In his work, Alex has connected hundreds of dissidents and civil society groups with business leaders, technologists, j...

  • James Ehrlich - The Future of Safe Living in Self-Reliant Neighborhoods

    Episode 18

    James Ehrlich joined Singularity University, as Faculty in 2017 and is the Founder of ReGen Villages, a Stanford University spin-off company creating the “Tesla of Ecovillages.”

    As a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley for over 25 years, primarily in the video game and entertainment technology...

  • Jamie Metzl - The Coronavirus Pandemic and the New Normal

    Episode 19

    Jamie Frederic Metzl is an American technology futurist, geopolitical expert, and writer, a former partner in the global investment company Cranemere LLC, and a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council. He was formerly the Asia Society's Executive Vice President.

  • Bradley Twynham - How can AI be leveraged for future pandemics

    Episode 20

    Bredley Twynham is:

    An Activator: a fearless energy source who can energise teams and start a fire.

    A Strategist: He intuitively sees alternatives and anticipates those alternatives and create unique paths to achieving outcomes that work.

    A Restorer: He instinctively see and troubleshoot the ...

  • Lisa Andrews - Polarizing the Positive and Negative of Pandemics

    Episode 21

    Lisa Andrews’ vision is to make the world a better place for all. She is on a mission to create the positive momentum required to give every human a fair start and maximize their potential at every stage of life.

    Lisa is a vital contributor to some of the world’s most action-taking projects, all...

  • Adam Hofmann - Opening Remarks

    Episode 22

  • Aaron Frank - Using Virtual Worlds in a Time Of Travel Disruption

    Episode 23

  • Charlene Li - Five Ways Your Leadership Must Change To Thrive With Remote Work

    Episode 24