Exponential Energy

Exponential Energy

5 Episodes

This course is led by Ramez naam, famed futurist, science fiction author, and Chair of Energy at Singularity University. Together, he and Peter dive deep into all things Energy over the course of 5 easily-digestible modules. Throughout the course, they cover topics in renewable energy sources like solar and wind, the democratization of energy, the future of the world’s energy supply, and possible solutions to climate change. Ultimately, our goal is to give you the most cutting-edge information on the energy industry so you know what to track in the decade ahead.

Exponential Energy
  • Exponential Energy Module 1 - The Clean Energy Landscape

    Episode 1

    In Module 1, Ramez and Peter discuss the history and current landscape of energy production and distribution. During the ~30 minute video, we explain just how crucial energy is for the world – it is not only its own industry, but also acts as a foundation for nearly every facet of the economy. Cl...

  • Exponential Energy Module 2 - The Future of Clean Energy

    Episode 2

    In Module 2, Ramez and Peter dive deep into the future of clean energy. During the 20-minute module, they discuss the next generation technologies that will revolutionize wind power, solar power, and energy storage. While in Module 1, they covered the past trends of these technologies, this modul...

  • Exponential Energy Module 3 - Energy Democratization

    Episode 3

    This module is about leveraging the advances in clean energy to benefit everyone on the planet, not just a select few. In particular, we focus on Solar energy and battery storage, two technologies that are seeing an amazing trend of demonization and democratization.

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  • Exponential Energy Module 4 - Unsolved Challenges

    Episode 4

    Throughout this module, Ramez and Peter discuss the toughest challenges in the future of energy, with a special focus on the importance of decarbonization. They discuss the important role that the public and private sector should play in solving problems of electricity generation, especially as i...

  • Exponential Energy Module 5 - Energy Disruption

    Episode 5