Exponential Technology 101

Exponential Technology 101

41 Episodes

Discover how key converging exponential technologies like AI, Sensors, Networks, Robotics, 3D Printing, Synthetic Biology and AR/VR will shape our future.

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Exponential Technology 101
  • What is Exponential Technology?

    Episode 1

  • The Law of Accelerating Returns

    Episode 2

    What happens over time when we use the best tools to create even better versions of those tools? In this video, Peter outlines Ray Kurzweil's Law of Accelerating Returns, with rich graphs from Kurzweil's book The Singularity is Near.

  • What is Computation & Where is it Going?

    Episode 3

    What is the current state of computing power? In this video, Peter walks you through the latest advances in computation -- and what they mean for entrepreneurs.

  • Qbits & Quantum Computers

    Episode 4

    What happens after Moore's Law? Enter quantum computers. In this video, Peter outlines quantum computing and how it differs from classical computing.

  • The Implications of Infinite Computing

    Episode 5

    Infinite computing enables truly game-changing possibilities. In this video, Peter outlines how computational power will drive breakthroughs in medicine, materials science, machine learning and more.

  • History of Networks

    Episode 6

    From the first roads to social media, networks are a core part of human history. In this video, Peter walks you through rich examples of networks throughout time.

  • Future of Networks

    Episode 7

    Networks have been part of human history since 4,000 BC. How will they change in the future? In this video, Peter outlines the abundance-creating capabilities ahead.

  • Sensors

    Episode 8

    We're witnessing an explosion in sensors -- do you know how to leverage them in your business? In this video, Peter outlines the second enabling technology powering the Internet of Things.

  • Internet of Things

    Episode 9

    When people talk about the Internet of Things or the Internet of Everything, what do they mean? In this video, Peter defines the IoE and the converging technologies enabling its proliferation.

  • Implications of Sensors, Networks, & the IoT

    Episode 10

    How can entrepreneurs leverage the Internet of Everything in the years ahead? In this video, Peter forecasts the future of computation, sensors and networks, and AI.

  • AI: Listening, Looking, Reading, and Writing

    Episode 11

    Artificial intelligence is a game-changing capability for entrepreneurs. In this video, Peter shares top examples of AI systems performing humanlike functions like reading, writing, looking and listening.

  • AI: Integrated Knowledge

    Episode 12

    Why are artificial intelligence systems defeating the best poker and Go players on the planet at their own games? In this video, Peter discusses the unfair advantage AI has over linear decision-making processes.

  • Machine Learning

    Episode 13

    Machine learning can help solve entrepreneurs' biggest business problems. In this video, Peter will show you the most compelling examples and use cases.

  • Deep Learning

    Episode 14

    Deep learning is the future of machine learning. In this video, Peter outlines this emerging field and the key players in the space to monitor.

  • Implications of Artificial Intelligence

    Episode 15

    What impact will AI have on the planet? In this video, Peter discusses the biggest implications of this disruptive technology on society, government and business.

  • Biology

    Episode 16

    The future of programming is genomics -- reading, writing and editing DNA. In this video, Peter introduces the field of genomics and its implications.

  • Stem Cells and Other Longevity Treatments

    Episode 17

    How can technology help us live longer, healthier lives? In this video, Peter describes the current state of stem cells and longevity treatments.

  • Genomics & Longevity

    Episode 18

    Modern genomics is fundamentally is unlocking secrets to radical life extension. In this video, Peter speaks to the cutting edge longevity research being done at labs around the world including his company HLI.

  • Brain Computer Interface

    Episode 19

    In the future we will expand our neocortex and connect our brains directly to the cloud. In this video, Peter and Ray Kurzweil show you how BCI is going to allow humans to merge with machines and connect us to a global brain.

  • Exponential Technologies

    Episode 20

    As an entrepreneur, how can you "skate to the puck" and leverage exponential growth in robotics, 3D manufacturing and virtual worlds? In this video, Peter lays a contextual foundation for the module ahead.

  • Introduction to Robotics

    Episode 21

    How will robotics change our workforce and daily lives? In this video, Peter takes a retrospective look at major robotics breakthroughs and discusses the many factors that enable this field to accelerate.

  • Robotics and Deep Learning

    Episode 22

    What happens when cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities converge with robotics? In this video, Peter describes how deep learning will spark a 'Cambrian explosion' of futuristic robots.

  • Robotics Today – Industry

    Episode 23

    How will robots enter and affect the workplace in the near term? In this video, Peter discusses the current state of industrial robots and where the industry is headed in the next five years.

  • Robotics Today – Professional

    Episode 24

    How can telepresence robots enable entrepreneurs to be in multiple places at once, without travel? In this video, Peter discusses the current state and near future of professional robotics.