Health and Longevity

Health and Longevity

35 Episodes

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Health and Longevity
  • Dr. Valter Longo + Director of the Longevity Institute at USC

    Episode 1

    How exactly does diet impact your longevity? Should you be fasting? How does fasting affect your energy and overall health?

    What are some actions you can take right now to increase your potential healthspan?

    These questions have been central to Professor Valter Longo’s work for over 30 years. K...

  • Dr. Bill Kapp + Fountain Life

    Episode 2

    How long do you plan to live? And how can you use data and exponential tech to diagnose diseases such as cancer and diabetes early enough to actually increase your healthspan?

    Remember: as technology continues to rapidly advance, your goal is to not die from something stupid.

    And prevention is ...

  • Dr. Dina Radenkovic + Gameto

    Episode 3

    Women’s reproductive longevity is perhaps the most important understudied field of medicine. For example, did you know that ovaries age up to 5X faster than any organ in the body?

    This “fast ovarian aging” results in infertility, menopause, and an increased number of years spent in poor health. ...

  • James Nestor + Science of Breath

    Episode 4

    What if our thinking about one of our most basic biological functions, breathing, is wrong?

    How we breathe affects our everyday life—our thinking, our functioning, how we metabolize food, and even how we look.

    Yet many of us are poor breathers.

    This negatively affects our sleep, increases our ...

  • Dr. George Church + Aging Reversal

    Episode 5

    "In this video, extraordinary researcher and world-renowned geneticist Dr. George Church of Harvard Medical School shares 11 examples of how reversing aging is possible.

    Dr. Church does a masterful job using evidence and data-driven optimism to show us why age reversal is no longer impossible… a...

  • Dr. Jeff Chen + Radicle Science

    Episode 6

    What if we could completely reimagine traditional pharmaceutical efficacy trials?

    That’s the mission of Radicle Science: to rapidly and accurately determine which nutraceuticals and natural molecules actually work for which conditions.

    The company has the potential to help dematerialize, demone...

  • Shaun Patel + REACT Neuro

    Episode 7

    REACT Neuro is a digital health company reimagining how we diagnose and treat the brain. 

    They’ve successfully digitized the entire neurological exam using VR with built-in sensors to track eye movements, record voice, and capture body movements. Today, REACT’s technology takes  less than a minu...

  • Human Longevity, Inc. + Dr. David Karow

    Episode 8

    How long do you think you’ll live? How can you use data to diagnose cancer, diabetes, and other diseases early enough to increase your healthspan?

    After all, prevention is the cornerstone of optimal health.

    The Health Nucleus program, run by Human Longevity, Inc. (a company I co-founded), cons...

  • Julian Jagtenberg + Somnox

    Episode 9

    What’s the quality of your sleep each night?

    Getting enough sleep is one of the most under-appreciated elements of extending your lifespan. It’s perhaps the single most effective thing you can do to reset your mental and physical health each day.

    Somnox is on a mission to fight sleep depriva...

  • Jon Carder, CEO of Vessel + Taryn Southern

    Episode 10

    What if you could have a personal lab, health coach, and nutritionist in your pocket?

    Meet Vessel: an at-home wellness tracker that combines fast and accurate testing, personalized action plans, and ongoing monitoring to help you optimize your health.

    The company’s platform analyzes over a d...

  • Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD + Solving Aging

    Episode 11

    Dr. Zhavoronkov is the Founder and CEO of Insilico Medicine, Founder of Deep Longevity, and an adjunct professor of artificial intelligence at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging.

    Dr. Zhavoronkov holds a master’s degree in biotechnology from Johns Hopkins and a PhD in Physics and Mathematic...

  • Tom Lemberg + Curebase

    Episode 12

    What if we could decentralize clinical trials, so that any patient, anywhere in the world, could participate?

    That’s the mission of Curebase: making effective decentralized clinical trials a reality so that more people can participate in them.

    The company’s software platform and virtual staff ...

  • Naveen Jain + Viome

    Episode 13

    Can we prevent or even reverse chronic diseases?

    That’s the mission of Viome. The company’s platform analyzes all the biochemical activity in your body by looking at your saliva, blood, and stool to give you an accurate picture of your unique health… and combines this with predictive biomarker...

  • Blake Marggraff + CareSignal

    Episode 14

    What if healthcare teams could use technology to identify patients with rising risks and prevent costly hospitalizations?

    CareSignal’s remote patient monitoring platform and AI-based patient engagement technology enable care teams to get in touch with high-risk patients before their health wors...

  • Dr. Jennifer Garrison + Women's Reproductive Longevity

    Episode 15

    Did you know that women’s reproductive longevity is perhaps the most important understudied field of medicine?

    Its link to our lifespans is unmistakable.

    While vastly understudied, ovarian aging and its causes are on the cusp of offering us groundbreaking insights on why we age generally.

  • Kristian Ranta + Meru Health

    Episode 16

    What happens when you combine access to licensed clinicians, tech-enabled biofeedback, peer support, and the latest evidence-based therapies?

    An entirely new way to treat anxiety, burnout, and depression: it’s called Meru Health.

    Meru Health offers a comprehensive, virtual solution to treat m...

  • Dr. Mark Hyman + A Clear Roadmap to Healthy Nutrition

    Episode 17

    What is the optimal human diet? Are you confused by all the research out there?

    Join me and Mark Hyman, my dear friend and author of the recently published The Pegan Diet: 21 Practical Principles for Reclaiming Your Health in a Nutritionally Confusing World, for a great webinar this month.


  • Michael Shpigelmacher + Bionaut Labs

    Episode 18

    How much will robotics evolve in the next year? The next 5 years?

    The convergence of AI and robotics will have massive implications for nearly every industry.

    Michael Shpigelmacher is an expert roboticist that specializes in R&D Moonshot projects. His extremely decorated background includes two...

  • Taryn Southern + The Coolest Tech of 2020

    Episode 19

    Peter and YouTube Sensation, Taryn Southern discuss the coolest exponential tech debuting in 2020.

    About Taryn: Taryn Southern is an artist, director, producer and digital storyteller whose videos have received more than 500 million views across YouTube.

    Known for her work at the intersectio...

  • OneSkin + Reversing Skin Biological Age

    Episode 20

    Learn about technology that has the potential to take a decade or more off of the age of your skin.

    OneSkin Technologies is a longevity company started by a team of four incredible female PHDs and entrepreneurs, who have been using cutting edge technology to identify the senescent cells that c...

  • Optimizing Your Diet and Health + Viome

    Episode 21

    Join me and Founder/CEO, Naveen Jain and CSO, Momo Vuyisich, to get the insider vision of the platform, insight into the technology, and an understanding of how you use Viome to extend your vitality and longevity.

    Viome is an extraordinary “Exponential Organization” with cutting-edge technology ...

  • Mary Lou Jepsen + Early Disease Detection and BCI

    Episode 22

    Red laser light can penetrate the skull and the brain and give us incredibly detailed information about anatomy. Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen is using red light to create a brain computer interface while also reinventing MRI imaging. She is the founder and CEO of Openwater, which aims to use new red-light...

  • Mei Mei Hu + Lou Reese

    Episode 23

    Interview with Mei Mei Hu and Lou Resse, co-founders and chief executives of United Neuroscience.

    During the hour-long webinar, these amazing entrepreneurs discussed their company's mission to deliver accessible, science-driven innovations that end chronic diseases. They also dove into their com...

  • David Sinclair + Why We Age

    Episode 24

    In this webinar, Peter sits down with Dr. David Sinclair, professor of Genetics and co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School.

    He is one of the top scientists in the field of longevity, aging, and de-ageing. More specifically, his team focused on ...