Human and Artificial Intelligence

Human and Artificial Intelligence

9 Episodes

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Human and Artificial Intelligence
  • Harpreet Singh + How Do You Start Using AI?

    Episode 1

    What if you don’t have a place to begin? Many years ago, Peter met Harpreet Singh, Founder and Co-CEO of Experfy. He joined Peter on stage at Abundance 360, and the rest is history.

    Harpreet’s company has since taken off, and he works with entrepreneurs and executives around the world to tap i...

  • Daniel Schreiber + AI Reinventing the Insurance Industry

    Episode 2

    The insurance industry is being massively disrupted. Come learn how Lemonade CEO Daniel Schreiber turned an idea from a conversation with Peter into a public company worth $3 billion. Daniel is a personal friend of Peter, and he came up with the original concept for Lemonade during a conversation...

  • Ray Kurzweil + Peter Diamandis

    Episode 3

    The rate of technological advancement is accelerating now more than ever before. In order to keep up, I sit down with Ray Kurzweil every year to hear his latest thoughts and insights about where we are headed.

    Ray is a Director of Engineering at Google, and my Co-founder of Singularity Universi...

  • Juan Enriquez + Evolving Ourselves

    Episode 4

    In this webinar, Peter catches up with Juan Enriquez, Founding Director of the Life Sciences Project at Harvard Business School and author of the new book: "Evolving Ourselves: How Unnatural Selection and Nonrandom Mutation are Changing Life on Earth".

    During the webinar they discuss the future...

  • Kai-Fu Lee + AI Super Powers, Silicon Valley, and the Rise of China

    Episode 5

    Peter Diamandis & Kai-Fu Lee — one of the world's most respected experts on AI — discuss how Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the world as we know it.

    They discuss provocative ideas like:

    With US-Sino competition heating up, who will own the future of technology?
    How will Artificial Intelli...

  • Ray Kurzweil + Transforming Humanity in the 21st Century (2018)

    Episode 6

    Peter & Ray sit down for an intimate conversation in Ray's office at Google. They discuss the dangerous ideas that will transform humanity including:

    Can we extend the healthy human lifespan to 120? 150? Perhaps longer?
    When will we reach Human-Level Artificial Intelligence?
    How do we raise and ...

  • Bryan Johnson + Human Intelligence

    Episode 7

    Bryan Johnson is the Founder and CEO of Kernel.

    Johnson started Kernel in 2016, making a personal investment of $100 million. The company's goal is to build an implantable device to improve brain function in humans, such as memory, while interfacing with artificial intelligence (AI). Initially, ...

  • Louis Rosenbery + Predicting the Future with Swarm AI

    Episode 8

    Dr. Rosenberg on AI, predictive markets, and how you can generate your own swarm AI with UNU.

    Artificial intelligence will fundamentally transform humanity, and I've often said that the crowd is the interim step before true AI.

    In this webinar, I'm joined by Dr. Louis Rosenberg, the founder and...

  • Ray Kurzweil + Disruptive Technologies and Dangerous Ideas (2017)

    Episode 9

    Singularity University co-founder, Google AI Director and noted futurist Ray Kurzweil joined Peter for a 90-minute Ask Me Anything, all aimed at providing you an unfair advantage for your business.