Paola Santana - Moonshot Series

Paola Santana - Moonshot Series

Paola Santana is a lawyer, public procurement expert and serial tech entrepreneur, creating the next breakthrough in government systems. She’s the founder and CEO of GLASS, a Silicon Valley startup revolutionizing how governments buy with pioneering G-Commerce. Previously, she co-founded Matternet, a Silicon Valley company pioneering drone logistics networks. Under her leadership, Matternet engaged with The White House, US Congress, FAA, and NASA to enact the first drone regulation in the United States in 2016, and became the world’s first drone delivery platform authorized for permanent operations over a populated city in 2017. She co-established the Dominican Republic’s Constitutional Court, and worked at the National Elections Court coordinating the Elections Litigation Chamber. She has also collaborated with the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the OECD, developing striking public infrastructure projects and strategic partnerships integrating exponential technologies.

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Paola Santana - Moonshot Series
  • Paola Santana - Moonshots in Action I

    Follow the journey of serial tech entrepreneur Paola Santana as she takes us through the “Moonshot Mindset” and how she has pursued her vision of creating new infrastructure models for the future. In Part I, we’ll hear what led Paola to co-found Matternet, a Silicon Valley company pioneering dro...

  • Paola Santana- Moonshots in Action II

    From drone delivery aimed at leapfrogging traditional road infrastructure, to GovTech aspiring to build powerful digital platforms that deliver universally accessible public goods and services to all. In Part II of our Moonshot Mindset series, Paola Santana introduces us to GLASS, a startup revol...

  • Paola Santana- Moonshots in Action III

    In this segment, Paola shares moonshot tools, frameworks, and key takeaways that you don’t want to miss. She goes over successes, failures, and real-world applications driving massive positive change for millions of people around the globe.

    Some of the lessons you'll get in this Moonshot Mindset...