SaaS + AIaaS

SaaS + AIaaS

14 Episodes

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SaaS + AIaaS
  • Morgan McDermott + Futurescope

    Episode 1

    "What are the current capabilities of AI? What exactly can OpenAI’s massive GPT-3 language model do? And how can you leverage these capabilities in your business?

    I’ll give you one example of how I use AI on a regular basis.

    I got so tired of the constant negative news cycle that I decided to b...

  • Labelbox + Democratizing Access to AI

    Episode 2

    Are you using AI to power your business? If so, how can you optimize your processes and training data?

    Labelbox is democratizing access to AI. The company’s data training platform provides the infrastructure for humans to better manage their data and for machines to learn more quickly.

    Join Pe...

  • Trailhead Saleforce Course

    Episode 3

    Kris Lande - VP, Trailhead Marketing at Salesforce

  • Vasco Pedro + Unbabel AI Translation Service

    Episode 4

    Learn from the CEO of Unbabel, Vasco Pedro, about the importance of AI for regionalizing your product. In this conversation, they discuss AI’s growing role in linguistics, the future of “AI as a Translation Service”, and the importance of language in your marketing strategy.

  • Unbabel Demo + Kathryn Keenan

    Episode 5

    Kathryn Keenan - Director of Solutions Consulting, Unbabel

  • Avinash Kaushik + Data-Driven Business Decisions

    Episode 6

    Go behind the scenes with Google’s digital marketing evangelist, Avinash Kaushik, as he outlines an impact filter for companies looking to leverage data, know their consumer, and employ top-of-the-line web analytics. In this webinar, you will gain a new toolkit for determining marketing KPIs and ...

  • Rana el Kaliouby + Emotion AI

    Episode 7

    Rana el Kaliouby is a rockstar computer scientist and entrepreneur in the field of AI enabled “expression recognition.” AI is advancing exponentially. Creating a hopeful, compelling and abundant future for humanity depends on the work outlined by entrepreneur Rana el Kaliouby in her must-read boo...

  • Hiten Shah + Future-proofing Your Org Chart

    Episode 8

    With today’s cloud computing capabilities, entrepreneurs no longer need to build and own all the components of their company. Over the past decade, thousands of powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) and AI platforms have matured to give businesses and small teams a tremendous edge in scaling with...

  • Dan Sullivan + Who, Not How

    Episode 9

    When the smartest entrepreneurs encounter an opportunity or a problem, their first reaction is “Who?” and not “How?”. As soon as you ask how do I solve this, you sideline yourself, and take yourself out of your business

    What if instead, you thought WHO on my team can build this? Or solve this? ...

  • Jon Dick + Kill the Marketing Funnel and Focus on the Flywheel

    Episode 10

    Trust in marketers and salespeople is at an all-time low. The percentage of businesses hitting their sales quotas has gone down five years in a row. And as COVID-19 market implications cause consumers to reevaluate their priorities and introspect, building trust-laden relationships with your cust...

  • Tiffani Bova + Customer Growth Secrets & Sales Innovation

    Episode 11

    Tiffani Bova is the the Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce and author of WSJ bestseller Growth IQ.

    Tiffani is one of the leading thinkers in sales transformation, and she will discuss everything from optimizing your existing human capital to new software and AI tools that can supercharge your ...

  • Seth Juarez + Cloud Computing

    Episode 12

    In this webinar, Peter sits down with Seth Juarez, Microsoft’s Principal Cloud Advocate. During their hour-long discussion, they dive deep into cloud computing, cloud-based AI services, and the Microsoft Azure product suite. In the last 30 minutes, Peter and Seth answered member questions live.

  • Jos Dirkx + Using AI to Track Learning Patterns

    Episode 13

    Jos Dirkx is CEO and co-founder Beenova AI, Faculty at Singularity University, an international public speaker, author and world-traveller. Beenova AI teaches and measures future skills by providing personalized learning mentors.

  • Jon Benson + CopyPro AI

    Episode 14

    This webinar dives into the vital importance of marketing copy -- the power of language and narrative to sell your product.

    How do we create an emotional impact in our potential buyers? What hook in our sales campaign is going to make or break a new purchase? How do you engage with a customer at...