Singularity University Global Summit 2019

Singularity University Global Summit 2019

40 Episodes

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Singularity University Global Summit 2019
  • Will Weisman: Create the Future

    Episode 1

    Will Weisman

    Vice President, Summits and Conferences

    Will is the Vice President, Summits & Conferences. He is passionate about people and ideas and has spent his life working to bring them together to help curate great opportunities and experiences.

    Will's background leading, investing in, and...

  • Peter Diamandis: Meta-Trends

    Episode 2

    In this dynamic keynote, Peter describes the convergences that will disrupt the future and positively impact the world.

  • Rob Nail: SU State of the Union

    Episode 3

    Rob Nail

    CEO and Associate Founder

    Rob is the CEO and Associate Founder of Singularity University. He brings a unique entrepreneurial and globally-focused approach to growing a non-traditional university as a platform to create a future of abundance where exponential technologies empower us to...

  • Naveen Jain: Innovation

    Episode 4

    Naveen Jain

    Chair, Space & Entrepreneurship

    Naveen Jain is an entrepreneur and philanthropist driven to solve the world's biggest challenges through innovation. He is the founder of several successful companies including Moon Express, BlueDot, Viome, Intelius, Talent Wise and InfoSpace.


  • Amy Nelson: Women and Work

    Episode 5

    Amy Nelson

    CEO & Founder of The Riveter

  • Paola Santana: Super Intelligent Governments

    Episode 6

    Paola Santana

    SU Faculty: Entrepreneurship, Drones, Governance

    Paola Santana is a lawyer, public procurement expert and tech entrepreneur creating the world's next political system after democracy. She's the founder and CEO of Social Glass, a software ecosystem using Artificial Intelligence to ...

  • Erik Anderson: Model Thinking

    Episode 7

    Erik Anderson

    Executive Chairman, Singularity University; Founder & CEO, West River Group; Executive Chairman of Top Golf Entertainment Group

    Erik Anderson is a leader in global innovation. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WestRiver Group (WRG) since 2002. WRG is a collaboration...

  • Nick Davis: Exponential Innovation

    Episode 8

    Nick Davis
    Vice President, Corporate Innovation

    Nick Davis is Vice President, Enterprise Solutions & Corporate Innovation at Singularity University where he leads all products and services for SU's Enterprise Clients. This includes all strategy, leadership, and innovation solutions.

    Nick is al...

  • John Hagel: Platforms and Ecosystems

    Episode 9

    John Hagel

    Faculty, Corporate innovation

    John Hagel III has nearly 35 years of experience as a management consultant, author, speaker and entrepreneur, and has helped companies improve their performance by effectively applying new generations of technology to reshape business strategies. John ...

  • Charlene Li: Transforming Organizations

    Episode 10

    Charlene Li

    Author, Founder & CEO of Altimeter Group

    Charlene is the Founder and CEO of Altimeter Group and the author of the New York Times bestseller, Open Leadership. She is also the coauthor of the critically acclaimed, bestselling book Groundswell, which was named one of the best business ...

  • Panel: Exponential Transformation

    Episode 11

    Nick Davis, SU Faculty Chair of Corporate innovation

    Lisa K. Solomon, SU Chair of Transformational Practices

    John Hagel, Founder and Co-Chairman of Deloitte Center of the Edge

    Charlene Li, Founder and Senior Fellow, Altimeter

  • David Robers: Leading Organizations

    Episode 12

    David Roberts

    SU Distinguished Faculty, Exponential Leadership

  • Kyle Nel: Neuroscience for Leadership

    Episode 13

    Kyle Nel

    SU Staff, Corporate Innovation

    Kyle Nel is the Executive Vice President of the Uncommon Partners Lab at Singularity University (SU), which applies behavioral science insights to create transformational experiences, products and services. SU acquired Uncommon Partners in 2019, of which ...

  • Ray Kurzweil Q&A

    Episode 14

    Ray Kurzweil

    SU Co-Founder and Chancellor

    Ray Kurzweil is one of the world's leading inventors, thinkers, and futurists, with a thirty-year track record of accurate predictions. Called “the restless genius” by The Wall Street Journal and “the ultimate thinking machine” by Forbes magazine, he w...

  • Neil Jacobstein: AI and Machine Learning Implications

    Episode 15

    Neil Jacobstein

    Chair, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

    Neil Jacobstein Chairs the AI and Robotics Track at Singularity University. He is a founding faculty member, and a former President of Singularity University. Jacobstein is a mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Stanford University...

  • Nathana Sharma: AI - Hope, Hype Reality

    Episode 16

    Nathana Sharma

    SU Faculty, General Counsel at Labelbox

    Panel: Solving Today's Problems with AI

    Neeti Mehta, Automation Anywhere

    Dr. Mike Capps, Diveplane

    Dr. Vasco Pedro, Unbabel

  • Panel: AI for Good

    Episode 17

    AI for Good

    Leila Toplic, NetHope,
    Amir Banifatemi, XPRIZE,
    Cameron Birge, Microsoft,
    Tess Posner, AI4ALL

  • Greg Broadmore: Augmenting Our Reality

    Episode 18

    Greg Broadmore is a concept designer, artist, writer and sculptor based in Wellington, New Zealand.[1] He is the creator of Dr Grordbort's,[2] and has worked as a designer, artist and writer at The Lord of the Rings film franchise director Peter Jackson's award-winning special effects and prop co...

  • Spatial Computing Will Transform Smart Cities

    Episode 19

    Spatial Computing Will Transform Smart Cities


    Naomi Augustine Yee, Innovation, R&D Lead
    Jasmin Rohman, Research Lead and Systems Designer

  • Hussein El- Ghoroury: In the Singulaity

    Episode 20

    Hussein El-Ghoroury
    Founder & CEO, Ostendo Technologies

  • Allan Cook: The Reality of Digital Reality

    Episode 21

    Allan Cook

    Managing Director of Deloitte

    Allan is the Digital Reality business leader for Deloitte Consulting LLP and works with a wide variety of organizations to build their innovation strategies, corporate visions, business plans and implementations of virtual reality, augmented reality, mix...

  • Panel: The 3 Futures of Work

    Episode 22

    Stephanie Kasriel, CEO of Upwork

    Kelley Steven- Waiss, EVP & Chief HR Officer of HERE

    Gary A. Bolles, SU Chair

  • Amin Toufani: Exponential Business Models

    Episode 23

    Amin Toufani

    Chair of Finance & Economics

    Amin is the CEO of T Labs. He was formerly the director of strategy and Vice President of Strategic Relations at Singularity University. He brings a unique set of technological, entrepreneurial and policy perspectives to the dialogue of innovation on ca...

  • Peter Diamandis: Q&A

    Episode 24

    In this session, Peter synthesizes the day and answers questions from the audience members.