8 Episodes

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  • Ahti Heinla + the Future of Convenient Local Delivery

    Episode 1

    Six-Wheel Delivery Robots are taking cities and college campuses by storm.

    Complete with multiple cameras and AI-enabled navigation, a new generation of “STARSHIP robots” deliver you food, beer or if you’re feeling productive, textbooks!

    Join Ahti Heinla, founder of SKYPE and founder of Starshi...

  • Space Perspective - Jane Poynter + Taber MacCallum

    Episode 2

    Interested in getting an astronaut’s view of space? How about taking a balloon ride to the top of the stratosphere, where you can see from horizon to horizon?

    Join Peter with Taber MacCallum and Jane Poynter, the Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of Space Perspective, in a fascinating conversation about ...

  • Josh Geigel + Virgin Hyperloop One

    Episode 3

    In this webinar, Peter visits with Josh Geigel, the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Virgin Hyperloop One.

    Josh has had a remarkably storied career - before Hyperloop, he led research at Echogen Power Systems and served as the lead analyst for six rocket engines at SpaceX.

    During the ...

  • Nikhil Goel + Uber Elevate

    Episode 4

    Aerial taxis have the potential to transform urban transportation in the next decade. Just as skyscrapers allowed cities to use limited land more effectively, flying cars could significantly alleviate traffic on the ground. Uber Elevate hopes to bring this amazing exponential technology to your s...

  • George Whitesides + Virgin Galactic

    Episode 5

    In this webinar, Peter chats with George Whitesides, CEO of Virgin Galactic, former Chief of Staff for NASA, and recipient of the prestigious Distinguished Service Medal. George has always been at the forefront of the space industry and he has made it his mission to demonetize and democratize glo...

  • George Whitesides + Future of Space Travel

    Episode 6

    Thirteen years ago, the $10 million Ansari XPRIZE for spaceflight was won, and Richard Branson committed $250 million to commercialize the technology and build Virgin Galactic (SpaceShipTwo).

    After one tragedy and a renewed test flight program, Virgin Galactic is on the verge of flying SpaceShip...

  • Tim Ellis + Relativity Space

    Episode 7

    In this webinar, Peter chats with Tim Ellis, the Co-Founder and CEO of Relativity Space. Relativity Space is a truly disruptive and exponential rocket company that plans to launch the first 3D-printed rocket by the end of next year, and recently announced a $140M Series C.

    During their conversat...

  • Webinar with Cyrus Sigari

    Episode 8

    Cyrus Sigari is the Co-Founder of jetAVIA and previous principal engineer for Eclipse Aviation. Cyrus is an absolute rockstar who soloed at age 16, earned private pilot certification at age 17, commercial pilot and flight instructor certification at age 18, and airline transport pilot certificati...