Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality

13 Episodes

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Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Cathy Hackl + Avatar Dimension

    Episode 1

    Want to understand the future of immersive video?

    Join Peter and Taryn Southern as they speak with mixed reality expert Cathy Hackl, Vice President of Avatar Dimension, Microsoft’s studio for mixed reality content.

    Avatar Dimension uses “volumetric capture” to turn people and objects into ho...

  • Walter Parkes + Dreamscape Immersive

    Episode 2

    What happens when you combine the power of Hollywood storytelling, the latest VR technology, and the excitement of a theme-park ride?

    A whole new way to explore and learn… it’s called Dreamscape Immersive.

    Dreamscape Immersive has created a new medium of storytelling, one in which you’re not...

  • Dr. Jeremy Bailenson + Increasing Empathy Through VR

    Episode 3

    How do we increase empathy using VR and other exponential technologies? Dr. Jeremy Bailenson, Founding Director of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL) at Stanford University, discusses his research and how it will be used to enhance VR & AR interpersonal skills and relationships.

  • Glenn Sanford + The Future of Virtual Workplace

    Episode 4

    Glenn Sanford has built a $600 million public company that has NO PHYSICAL OFFICES... They operate their company entirely in virtual reality. During this webinar, Peter and Glenn discuss this unique work environment, and how you can digitize core portions of your business using AR/VR. This is ano...

  • David Whelan + VR Conferences

    Episode 5

    Imagine joining a global conference in Virtual Reality anywhere in the world, using a VR Headset. That is what David Whelan’s product “ENGAGE” enables.

    ENGAGE is a communications, education and training platform designed for users to hold events, classes, meetings, conferences and remote trainin...

  • Philip Rosedale + Living in a Virtual World

    Episode 6

    Philip Rosedale is the creator of Second Life and the CEO of High Fidelity, and is one of the world's greatest thinkers and pioneers in the field of augmented and virtual reality.

    During this webinar, Philip and Peter discuss the future of virtual reality, the implications that the current pand...

  • Extended Reality Conference Experiment in VirBELA

    Episode 7

    We hosted a virtual conference in “VirBELA”, a desktop-based work platform that increases productivity by allowing people to work virtually. The event included keynote speeches, exciting XPRIZE updates, and virtual world relationship building.

    See below for the agenda:

    10:15 - 10:45: Keynote b...

  • Kevin Kelly + Spacial Computing

    Episode 8

    Kevin is the Co-Founder and Senior Maverick of Wired, and the bestselling author of books like The Inevitable and The New Rules for the New Economy.

    Together, Peter and Kevin discuss the Spatial Web -- what it is, what it means for entrepreneurs like you and me, and the larger implications on so...

  • Chance Glasco + Rumii VR

    Episode 9

    In this webinar, Chance Glascow, CCO and co-founder of Doghead Simulations, the virtual reality startup that created Rumii, a VR conferencing software, gives a presentation in VR.

    Chance began his career in the game industry by working on Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. After a successful first ...

  • Glenn Sanford + The Future of Work

    Episode 10

    Imagine a real estate company that operates entirely in virtual reality. No offices, a fully remote team, and fully digital interactions between realtors and their clients.

    Join Peter and Glenn Sanford, the CEO of eXp World Holdings, a $600 million public company in the real estate industry that...

  • Jules Urbach + OTOY

    Episode 11

    I just witnessed one of the most extraordinary display of technology in the VR/AR arena. When I tell you that the Star Trek Holodeck is coming, I mean it.

    In this webinar, I chat with Jules Urbach the Founder/CEO of OTOY - from his LA Facilities to dig in and learn more. Jules is backed and supp...

  • VR Fireside Chat with Philip Rosedale

    Episode 12

  • Philip Rosedale + The Future of Virtual Economies

    Episode 13

    Philip Rosedale is the creator of Second Life and the CEO of High Fidelity.

    He's one of the greatest thinkers and pioneers in the field of augmented and virtual reality — and someone I'm excited to reveal will be our next A360 webinar guest.

    Join us to discuss the future of virtual economies an...