Exponential Finance

Exponential Finance

4 Episodes

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Exponential Finance
  • Bitcoin = Abundance webinar

    Episode 1

    This will be a deep dive into Bitcoin, to answer all of your questions and give you a clear perspective on its long-term role, and whether you should consider it in your portfolio.

    Michael Saylor, Chairman & CEO of MicroStrategy, major Bitcoin Proponent;
    Bill Barhydt, Co-Founde...

  • Devon Gundry + Blockchain

    Episode 2

    Devon Gundry is Founder and Chief Product Officer of Chain.

    Chain is a technology company on a mission to enable a smarter and more connected financial system by digitizing the world's assets. They partner with leading organizations around the world to build, deploy, and operate blockchain netwo...

  • Eric Pulier + THe Future of Advertising, Transactions, and Blockchain

    Episode 3

    Eric Pulier has aggregated almost $1 billion in tech exits. His latest company, vAtomic Systems, represents, in my opinion, the future of transactions and advertising.

    In this A360 webinar, Eric joins Peter for a discussion on blockchain and how he's using it to reinvent how businesses do market...

  • Bill Gross + Successful Startups

    Episode 4

    Bill Gross Founded Idealab.

    William T. "Bill" Gross (born 1958) is an American businessman. Gross grew up in Encino, California and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical engineering from the California Institute of Technology.

    He founded GNP Loudspeakers (now GNP Audio Video), an a...