Exponential Organizations

Exponential Organizations

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Exponential Organizations
  • Spark Live Mark Jackson

    Quantum Computing is the quintessential exponential technology: the advances in this new form of computing could offer advances in medicine, material science, machine learning, and cybersecurity. Minimizing vaccine side-effects through personalized medicine, better batteries for electric cars, op...

  • Keith Ferrazzi + Kian Gohar - Competing in the New World of Work

    What have the most successful leadership teams done during the COVID-19 pandemic to pivot, innovate, and thrive?

    And what can you learn from them?

    That’s the focus of the new book Competing in the New World of Work, by my dear friend and New York Times bestselling author Keith Ferrazzi and hi...

  • Keith Ferrazzi + Managing Your Exec Team On Zoom

    Are you managing your team over Zoom? Is it amazing… or frustrating?

    I have an expert to help you make it amazing.. to help you get immediate benefits. He personally coaches the leadership teams of General Motors, Delta Airlines and Verizon. All Abundance Digital members join me for a 1-hou...

  • Salim Ismail + Exponential Organizations

  • Alpha Girls: Magdalena Yesil, Sonja Hoel Perkins, Julian Guthrie

    Julian Guthrie is an award-winning journalist and author based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her new book, Alpha Girls: The Women Upstarts Who Took On Silicon Valley's Male Culture and Made the Deals of a Lifetime, tells the unforgettable story of four women who came to California to try to make...

  • Ed McNierney + Lessons from Linear Organizations

    Ed McNierney is the Director Prize Operations at XPRIZE.

    Ed is responsible for the technical design, development, and implementation of XPRIZE's first open source software competition. He has served as a Chief Technology Officer and senior technology leader at a variety of software and hardware...

  • Jake Knapp + Sprints

    Jake Knapp is a Design Partner at Googe Ventures.

    Jake created GV's sprint process and is the author of Sprint. He has run more than a hundred sprints with startups such as 23andme, Slack, Nest, and Foundation Medicine. Previously, Jake worked at Google, leading sprints for everything from Gmail...

  • Melonee Wise + Robotics in the Workplace

    Episode 10

    "How will you be using Robots in the near future? In your everyday life?

    In this webinar, my guest is Melonee Wise, CEO of Fetch Robotics. Our conversation focuses on teamwork between robots and humans.

    Melonee is an alum of Willow Garage and a self-proclaimed Robot Ninja. Fetch Robotics is ...

  • Seth Goldman + Beyond Meat

    In this webinar, Peter meets with Seth Goldman, the executive chairman of Beyond Meat. Beyond Meat is taking the food chemistry industry by storm, redefining what it means to enjoy protein in a sustainable manner, without sacrificing taste. The company offers delicious plant-based alternatives fo...