MTPs and Moonshots

MTPs and Moonshots

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MTPs and Moonshots
  • Collaborating for Greater Impact - July 2023

    It's common to see success stories after the fact, but rare to highlight impact-driven collaborations in motion! This panel on the nexus of clean energy and 21st century learning presents a unique opportunity to show what some of these projects look like while they're still underway, and how some...

  • Navigating the Future of Work: Mindset, Skillset, Toolset

    The “great reset” of the global pandemic has launched us into a brave new world of work, catalyzing dramatic change in what we do for work, where we do it, with whom we do it -- and, for many, why we do it. Powered by exponential technologies, we are together co-creating the next rules of work. A...

  • Will Marshall + Democratizing Satellite Data

    What if we could look at the Earth in new ways? How can we increase the quantity and quality of visual evidence of progress as we move closer to a world of Abundance?

    That’s the focus of Planet, a company that has revolutionized the Earth observation industry by democratizing access to useful sa...

  • Henrik Stamm Kristensen + Blendhub

    What will food production in the future look like? How will we accomplish safe, accessible, justly sourced, and locally distributed nutrition for all?

    As marketplaces and entire industries become digitized and democratized, one of the most challenging holdouts is the world’s food supply.

    The g...

  • Dr. Marcius Extavour + Decarbonization

    Join Dr. Marcius Extavour, VP of Climate & Energy at XPRIZE, where he directs the $100M Carbon Removal XPRIZE, and Claire Adair, Entrepreneur-in-Residence with Peter Diamandis, in a discussion about the rise of ESG investing, today’s boom in green technology innovation, and how the Carbon Removal...

  • Jenn Lim + Delivering Happiness

    Peter often speaks about the importance of getting clarity on your Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) and the emotional energy that fuels it.

    After all, making a dent in the universe and solving big problems requires a TON of hard work.

    But how do you scale that emotional energy and sense...

  • Thomas Forner + Focused Energy

    Nuclear fusion has long been the dream for solving our energy needs: a limitless supply at zero cost. 

    Think about it: if we can replicate the power-generating process of the Sun while eradicating the issues of nuclear waste, it would be the solution to end all solutions. 

    That’s the vision of ...

  • Ben Lamm + Colossal Biosciences

    What if we could bring the woolly mammoth back from extinction?

    That’s the mission of Colossal Biosciences: to use the latest breakthroughs in CRISPR and genetic engineering technologies to revive extinct species and restore Earth to a healthier state.

    The company was co-founded by the extr...

  • The Internet Computer + DFINITY

    What’s the future of the internet? How can we use AI to fight against counterfeiting? What’s a “digital twin”?

    Join Peter's discussion on these and many other questions with two leaders in the fields of decentralized systems and blockchain: Mike Schwartz of the ORIGYN Foundation and Dominic Wil...

  • Elon Musk Discussion on Space + $100M Carbon XPRIZE

  • Relativity Space + Tim Ellis

    The most impressive rocket company that I have seen to date isn’t SpaceX... It’s Relativity Space.

    Relativity Space is 3D printing their ENTIRE rockets.

    The Terran 1, which is 105 feet tall, is slated to launch later this year.

    The Terran R, which is a Falcon 9 sized rocket, was just announ...

  • David Hertz + Water Abundance

    A different way to provide water to the world. David Hertz’s invention, the WeDew, is a portable energy and water generator recently selected as one of TIME MAGAZINE’s Best Inventions of 2020.

    Less than 1% of the planet’s water is potable, but the most abundant source of water is in the atmosph...

  • Jason Ballard + New Tools for the Future of Construction

    Imagine a giant 3D printer that exudes cement and can print an ENTIRE house here on Earth -- or a habitat on the Moon.

    That’s the concept behind ICON.

    Join Jason Ballard, founder and CEO to learn more about the technology, to discuss how it can be used, and how this may dematerialize, dem...

  • Sam Ruben + 3D Printed Homes

    Peter chats with Sam Ruben, Co-founder and Chief Sustainability Officer of Mighty Buildings, a company that is 3D printing modular homes for deployment in the United States.

    Imagine houses that are faster, cheaper and both easy and beautiful.

  • Josh Tetrick + Food Abundance

    Food abundance is on its way.

    And pioneers like Josh Tetrick, CEO of Eat Just, have a powerful vision.

    He’s reinventing how we feed the planet with both plant-based proteins and stem cell-based proteins. In this webinar, Josh and Peter sit down for an in-depth conversation about creating food a...

  • Zenia Tata + Searching for Innovation Solutions to Global Problems

    XPRIZE Chief Impact Officer, Zenia Tata, will be joining Peter this Friday for a wide-ranging and inspiring conversation on Moonshots and Breakthroughs. Zenia is an experienced entrepreneur and has worked across 27 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Zenia is passionate about her work w...

  • Anousheh Ansari + Moonshots

    In this webinar, Peter sits down with Dr. Anousheh Ansari, serial Entrepreneur and XPRIZE CEO.

    Anousheh is the first female private Astronaut; Founder/CEO of the $1.3 Billion-dollar company Telecomm Technologies; Benefactor of the $10M Ansari XPRIZE and now CEO of XPRIZE. She captured headlines ...

  • Martine Rothblatt + Moonshots

    In this webinar, I sit down with Martine Rothblatt, co-founder of Sirius XM and chairwoman of United Therapeutics. Our conversation will focus on MOONSHOTS.

    How do you create your own moonshot? How do you build an effective team? How do you maintain progress towards executing your moonshot?


  • Tony Robbins + The World is Better Than You Think (2018)

    Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis discuss the present and coming advancements in technology and what these rapid changes mean for both entrepreneurs, and the world as a whole.