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MTPs and Moonshots

Collaborating for Greater Impact - July 2023


Up Next in MTPs and Moonshots

  • Navigating the Future of Work: Mindse...

    The “great reset” of the global pandemic has launched us into a brave new world of work, catalyzing dramatic change in what we do for work, where we do it, with whom we do it -- and, for many, why we do it. Powered by exponential technologies, we are together co-creating the next rules of work. A...

  • Will Marshall + Democratizing Satelli...

    What if we could look at the Earth in new ways? How can we increase the quantity and quality of visual evidence of progress as we move closer to a world of Abundance?

    That’s the focus of Planet, a company that has revolutionized the Earth observation industry by democratizing access to useful sa...

  • Henrik Stamm Kristensen + Blendhub

    What will food production in the future look like? How will we accomplish safe, accessible, justly sourced, and locally distributed nutrition for all?

    As marketplaces and entire industries become digitized and democratized, one of the most challenging holdouts is the world’s food supply.

    The g...